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Bangladesh rethinks plan to move Rohingya refugees to island
DHAKA, Bangladesh, 26 February 2020 (Reuters) - Bangladesh is reconsidering a plan to relocate Rohingya refugees to a flood-prone island located hours by boat from its coast.

Fohr: The German island obsessed with Manhattan
LONDON, UK, 26 February 2020 (BBC) - Blimey, this drink looked familiar. The setting was a maritime pub in the pretty village of Wyk on the island of Föhr, a gateway to the North Frisian Islands on Germany’s North Sea coast.

Creatures at risk from deep sea mining in the Indian Ocean
LONDON, UK, 26 February 2020 (Guardian) - It takes an hour from the surface of the Indian Ocean, descending 3,000 metres in a submersible research pod, to reach the bizarre creatures that cluster around hydrothermal vents on the seabed.

Lady Elliot Island Great Barrier Reef 'island ark'
WIDE BAY, Australia, 26 February 2020 (ABC) - The threat of climate change has led to the creation of a refuge for wildlife on Lady Elliot Island at the southernmost point of the Great Barrier Reef.

St Kilda centre to be built in phases on Isle of Lewis
LONDON, UK, 25 February 2020 (BBC) - A visitor centre dedicated to the remote St Kilda archipelago is to be built in phases. A Chiad Cheum is to be constructed at Uig on Lewis, about 41 miles (66km) east of the protected Unesco World Heritage site.

Coronavirus, trawls take a toll on shrimp fishery in Indonesia
JAMBI, Indonesia, 25 February 2020 (Mongabay) - Agus, a shrimp fisherman, sits pensively outside his home in Jambi, a province in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island. He’s among thousands of fishermen who, for several weeks now, have had to stop working as an outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) grips China, the largest market for Indonesian shrimp exports.

Lava flows tell 600-year story of biodiversity loss on tropical island
SAINT PIERRE, Reunion, 25 February 2020 (Phys.org) - Researchers from the University of Réunion island surveyed vegetation on more than 600 years of lava flows on the slopes of Piton de La Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference 5-6 March, 2020, Freeport, Grand Bahama

5th International St Magnus Conference 15-18 April, 2020, Lerwick, Shetland

10th Pacific Nature Conservation Conference 20-24 April, 2020, Noumea, New Caledonia

Pacific Ocean Climate Change Conference 27-29 May, 2020, Apia, Samoa

UN Ocean Conference 2-6 June, 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture 10-21 June, 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii

World Conservation Congress 11-19 June, 2020, Marseille, France

Island Feminisms Conference 13-15 June, 2020, Hilo, Hawaii

Islands of the World XVII conference 22-26 June, 2020, St. John's, Newfoundland

15th International Small Island Cultures Conference: Island Festivals and Music Tourism 9-13 July, 2020, Kingston, Jamaica

'The island–insularity, archipelagos–a geophilosophical issue' A Summer University, 10-14 July, 2020, Rhodes, Greece

Archipelagic Memory: Intersecting Geographies, Histories and Disciplines conference 4-6 August, 2020, Reduit, Mauritius

DARKNESS conference 30 Nov-3 Dec, 2020, Nuuk, Greenland