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After having been in operation for over 13 years, GIN officially closed down as a charitable company in November 2015. The founder and executive director of GIN, Graeme Robertson, was appointed a Research Associate with the Institute of Island Studies, University of Prince Edward Island, in March 2015 for a five-year term. He has continued managing the Global Islands News Desk to support the activities of ESIN, GLISPA and ISISA as well as the UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability spearheaded by UPEI and the University of Malta that works to establish and expand comparative academic research on Small Island States (SIS) and Sub-National Island Jurisdictions (SNIJ) such as their latest 'Towards Sustainable Island Futures' project. It operates from the premise that SIS and SNIJ are innovative, entrepreneurial and connected, not vulnerable, lacking and isolated. Graeme will also be furthering his personal interests of investigating the socio-economic, environmental and political significance of guano islands around the world; the cultivation, harvesting and utilisation of seaweed resources; niche marketing by small island food and drink producers; and postal history of the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha. He can be contacted at graeme@globalislands.net