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Event Details
Event 1st International Conference on Small Island Cultures
Date(s) Monday 7th February 2005
Tuesday 8th February 2005
Wednesday 9th February 2005
Thursday 10th February 2005
Friday 11th February 2005
Saturday 12th February 2005
Organiser Kagoshima Univ Research Center for the Pacific Islands
Co-organised by Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands and The Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) and co-sponsored by The Japan Society of Island Studies (Nihon Tousho Gakkai)

Proposals are invited for papers on the linguistic, musical, dance, folkloric, visually expressive, craft and/or touristic aspects of small island societies. Papers should address one or both of the following:

1) Methodological issues of conducting research in small island communities so as to encourage, sustain and facilitate local culture

2) Aspects of small island cultures (in local and/or diasporic contexts)

Since the conference is an interdisciplinary one, paper proposers are asked to address their papers to a general academic audience, rather than a discipline specific one.

Papers should be delivered in English but may also be given in Japanese if an English language text or substantial abstract is provided. The organisers are also seeking funds to facilitate simultaneous translation (please check the SICRI web site - - for updates on this.)

Refereed conference proceedings will be published subsequent to the event.

The conference will also host the establishing meeting of SICRI, a new interdisciplinary association, and the formal launch of the SICRI on-line research portal.

Days 4-6 of the conference (February 10th -12th) will take place on Yakushima Island and will comprise presentations and field visits to cultural and heritage sites.

Those wishing to deliver a paper should send an abstract (approx 500 words) as text e-mail to Dr Philip Hayward <> by September 12th 2004.  

For more information contact:

Daniel Long <dlong@bcomp.metro>
Shunsuke Nagashima <>
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