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Event IUSSP General Conference - Islands Session
Date(s) Monday 18th July 2005
Tuesday 19th July 2005
Wednesday 20th July 2005
Thursday 21st July 2005
Friday 22nd July 2005
Saturday 23rd July 2005
Organiser International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
S1109. Population and development in island countries, states and territories

Organiser :     Jean Louis Rallu



Islands are departments/regions, territories, associated states or independent countries. Whatever their political status, they are often outlying areas subject to under-development and emigration. They face limited resources, fragile environments and harbour dependent economies. As such, they are often granted special tax incentive status inside the European Union or internationally by the World Trade Organisation. Economic and political weakness has pushed a few island countries to engage in welcoming risky off-shore banking firms and they have recently been cited as a concern to global security. Islands have long been considered as social laboratories. Globalisation is renewing questions about sustainability of island population trends, ecosystems and economies, and what islands can teach us about the effectiveness of special policies and status.


We are seeking comparative papers or case studies of small islands that relate to the impacts of political and special economic status and eventually changes in these statuses. The papers should address but are not limited to the following questions:

  • Similarity/divergence in population trends in islands and neighbouring mainland or countries/provinces with a similar level of development (advancement in fertility transition, health situation, migration patterns) in relation to status changes.
  • Impact of status and status changes on island health, education, labour force, migration (emigration/return migration/immigration – including skilled expatriates) and development.
  • Specificity of the population-development relationship of islands and how it is influenced by political and special economic status. Do islands do better than other peripheral regions?
  • Island populations and their diaspora – role of diaspora on islands populations, economies, societies (remittances, poverty, income gaps).
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