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Event Details
Event Building Better Pacific Economies
Date(s) Wednesday 12th October 2005
Thursday 13th October 2005
Friday 14th October 2005
Organiser Oceania Development Network
Venue: University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

The Pacific Island Countries (PICs) face many challenges in trying to
raise the living standards of their people. The necessary condition of
sustained economic growth comparable to successful developing countries
has been difficult to achieve in the PICs. Despite attempts to encourage
economic growth and development through an enabling environment for
investors, both foreign and domestic, most of the economies have delivered
poorly. Investors and investments have not been attracted in sufficient
numbers and scale and, consequently, most of the PICs have a recent
history of poor economic growth. It appears that the PICs need to re-think
their growth strategies; however, there is not much time left in a rapidly
integrating global economy. Failure to identify successful initiatives and
encourage them further as well as to address the fundamental obstacles to
improved economic performance and implement better development strategies
could have long-lasting, adverse impacts on PIC economies.

The ODN invites development researchers, policy analysts and policy
makers, facilitators for governments, and staff of international financial
institutions, donors, and non-state-actors to submit abstracts (not more
than 300 words) of papers to be presented in the following sessions:

Day 1 (Wednesday 12th October, 2005): Security, Peace and Development
(Session Chair: Dr David Kavanamur (UPNG) and Dr Pamela Thomas (Dev Net)).

Political stability and legitimacy
Security and military matters
Conflict resolution
Ethnicity, religion and culture
Education and health
Population issues, including age demographics and migration
Costs of instability and breakdown in law and order on sustainable

Day 2 (Thursday 13th October 2005): Natural Resources, Economic Growth and
Development (Session Chairs: Dr Mahendra Reddy (USP) and Mr. Mike Manning

Economic growth with particular reference to the experience of small
island economies;
Globalisation of trade
Financial flows, including remittances
Inclusive financial systems including micro-finance
A single currency for the Pacific
Financial crisis
Land tenure, environment, and national resource management
Management of revenues from natural resource projects
Vulnerability and resilience of Pacific economies

Day 3 (Friday 14th October 2005): Governance, Institutions, Service
Delivery and Development (Session Chairs: Prof. Ron Duncan (USP) and Dr
Thomas Webster (NRI))

Political infrastructure
Good governance
Constitutions and electoral processes
Institutions and their contribution to growth
Public Sector
Informal sector
Squatter settlements
Ownership of development projects
Issues of community health
Information and communication
Capacity building
Aid effectiveness in Pacific region.

Financial assistance will be available for a limited number of
younger/junior researchers who are citizens of and normally resident in
Pacific Island Countries.


Abstract details: The Abstract should be a minimum of 100 and no more than
300 words, including keywords, to be received by 15th August, 2005.
Abstracts have to include the proposed title for the paper, the full
names, addresses and email addresses of all authors, and a telephone
number for at least one contact author. Authors should indicate the
session/topic for which they are submitting their abstract.
File type: Word for Windows/Microsoft Word
Submission: By email attachment to Ms Kesa Paulo at:
Full paper: Only required after acceptance of abstract and not to be more
than 5,000 words, including abstract, keywords and references. Submission
date will be no later than 30 September, 2005.


The selection panel of the conference committee will consider all
abstracts received by the submission deadline to ensure that the proposed
paper is relevant to the Conference. The authors of abstracts that
describe a relevant paper will receive a notification of abstract
acceptance by 31st August 2005.

All papers will be blind reviewed by members of the conference committee
to ensure an adequate standard, that the outline described in their
abstract has been followed, that the paper is of a suitable length, that
the standard of English is adequate, and that the paper is appropriately
Registration details will be posted on the ODN website
( by 30th June. All presenters must register.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 August, 2005
Notification of abstract acceptance: 31 August, 2005
Submission of final papers: 30 September 2005

Name: Dr Mahendra Reddy, Conference Convenor.
Position: Chairperson, Oceania Development Network
Office Address: Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in
Development and Governance,
University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji.
Tel: +679 321 2089
Fax: +679 330 3040

Name: Dr David Kavanamur, Conference Co-Convenor.
Office Address: Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management,
School of Business Administration,
University of Papua New Guinea,
Papua New Guinea.
Tel: +675 326 7200
Fax: +675 326 7187
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