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Event Details
Event Island Identities Conference
Date(s) Monday 6th November 2006
Organiser Forum for Island Research and Experience
One-day conference

Monday 6th November 2006


9:00 to 9:30                  Registration (Free)


9: 30 to 10:15               Opening Lecture by Bernard Knapp

“Insularity and Island Identities: The Prehistoric Mediterranean 


10:15 to 10:45              “Settlement strategies and changing identities in the prehistoric Mediterranean islands” Helen Dawson  (University of Kent, MoLAS)


10:45 to 11:15              “Mainland-island interactions and the construction of maritime identity” Margarita Nazou (UCL)


11: 15 to 11:45             Tea break


11:45 to 12:15              “Puerto Rican and Neo-Taíno identites: The case for Hispanic Caribbean” José Oliver (UCL)


12:15 to 12:45              “Blood is thicker than water: pre-Columbian inter-island relationships in the Windward Islands.”  Alistair Bright (Leiden University)


12:45 to 13:15              “Sourcing Clays and Provenancing potsherds in the pre-Columbian Lesser Antilles” Daan Isendoorn (Leiden University)


13:15 to 14:15 Lunch


14:15 to 14:45              “Constructing landscapes and creating identities on Rapa Nui” Sue Hamilton (UCL)


14:45 to 15:15              “Claiming and Reclaiming Ancestors: The importance of the past in the Prehistoric Channel Islands” Paul Driscoll (University of Bristol)


15:15 to 15:45             Islands, islets, experience and identity in the Hebridean Iron Age” Rebecca Rennell (UCL)


15:45 to 16:15 Tea break


16:15 to 16:45              “Reconciling physical and relational space: interaction networks in the Aegean Bronze Age” Carl Knappett (University of Exeter), Ray Rivers and Tim Evans (Imperial College London)


16:45 to 17:30              Discussion chaired by Ethan Cochrane (UCL) and Ruth Whitehouse (UCL)


Followed by a reception in the staff common room


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