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Event Details
Event 4th International Conference on Small Island Cultures
Date(s) Tuesday 17th June 2008
Wednesday 18th June 2008
Thursday 19th June 2008
Friday 20th June 2008
Organiser SICRI
Proposals are invited for papers to be delivered at The Fourth
International Conference on Small Island Cultures being held on Nagu and
Korpo in the south western Finnish archipelago (nearest city: Turku) on
June 17-20th 2008.

The conference is being organised by the Skärgårdsinstitut (Archipelago
Institute) of Åbo Akademi University and by the University of Turku, in
conjunction with SICRI.

While all aspects of island cultures are of interest, the conference
theme, ‘Archipelagos: Access, Connection and Separation’, invites the
particular consideration of the relationships between island cultures
and adjacent spaces, either other islands and/or mainlands.

- How does an island culture simultaneously make itself accessible to
its neighbours, yet preserve its cultural distinctiveness?

- Islands and mainlands are linked in both material and cultural
networks, from ferry systems to linguistic (dis)connections. How do
these affect the insular culture and its specific negotiations with its

- Through what mechanisms does an island achieve a balance between local
identity and participation in a larger community of interests?

Thematic areas for the conference include, but are not limited to, the

• Island media, from press, through radio and television to

• Cultural movements: the dispersal and exchange of cultural
heritage formations such as folklore, music, dance etc

• Local cultures and global communication technologies

• Identity and place: how does the convergence of land, water,
flora, fauna and seasonal change, affect the sense of identity in
relation to adjacent cultures?

• Tourism and its various impacts

• Political relations and cultural identity

Proposals for papers should be sent electronically to the conference
papers and panels and committee, via

Proposals should be in English language, between 250-300 words in length
and should include professional or academic affiliation.

Proposals for panels are also welcome.

An early acceptance programme is now open. The final deadline for
proposals is February 1st, 2008.

Organisational Details:

The Conference will be preceded by a study tour to Saareema Island
(Estonia), details to be announced shortly, and negotiations are
underway for a post-conference day visit to Bengtskar island and its
historic lighthouse.

Accommodation and travel options will be posted on in
mid-November and will be updated regularly in the lead-in to the

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