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Event 4th INSULEUR Forum
Date(s) Thursday 20th November 2003
Friday 21st November 2003
Saturday 22nd November 2003
Organiser INSULEUR
                              4th INSULEUR Forum “Corse 2003”
                        ”Enterprises, Insularity and Competitiveness”

AJACCIO, November 20th-22nd 2003

Preliminary Programme (30/10/03)



Wednesday November 19th 2003 : Participants’ Registration


Thursday November 20th 2003

Statutory Meetings


10h00              Board of Directors Meeting

16h00              Fifth General Assembly

20h30              Dinner


Friday November 21st 2003

09h30 - 10h30: Welcoming Speeches

-         Raymond CECCALDI ( President of the Ajaccio et Corse du Sud Chamber of Commerce)

-         Romano MAMBRINI ( President of the INSULEUR Network)

-         Georges KASSIMATIS ( Vice-President of Eurochambres)

-         Jean BAGGIONI ( President of the Corsican Executive Council)

-         Simon RENUCCI ( Member of the French Parliament, Mayor of Ajaccio).


10h30 – 13h00: First Work Session

Session Chairman: Mr. Gérard THEOBALD (President of the Basse-Terre Chamber of Commerce)


“For a cohesion policy serving the island SMEs”


-         to measure the impact of the current cohesion policy on the entrepreneurial field in our islands.

-         to determine the eventual improvements to be brought in the future, including within the context of the next enlargement.


Session leader: M. Thierry PARDI (Journalist at France 3 – Corse)

Jean-Didier HACHE (CPMR’ Islands Commission Secretary General)

Giuseppe USAI (Professor at the University of Cagliari)

Costas SOPHOULIS (Professor at the Aegean University)

Michel-Jean PAYET (General Director at La Réunion Chamber of Commerce)


Honorary Guest: Michel BARNIER (European Commission – Regional Policy Commissioner)*


13h00 – 15h00: Lunch

15h00 – 17h30:  Second Work Session

Session Chairman: Romano MAMBRINI (President of the INSULEUR network)


“Encouraging an enterprising mind within the islands”

Objectives: to let successful island entrepreneurs speak in order to show that insularity is not a fatality, while stating the difficulties faced to succeed.


Session leader: Mr. Thierry PARDI (Journalist at France 3 – Corse)

Luciano TICCA (“Sarda Costruzioni Industrie Riunite”, Construction and Civil Engineering)

Giovanni RUGGIERI (“Steamship & Travel Agents”, nautical tourism)

Charly ANTONA (“Corsica Gastronomia”, food-processing)

Dominique CIANELLI (“Bière PIETRA”, food-processing)

Yannis LEBIDAKIS (“Pancretan Cooperative Bank”, Finance)*

Lorenzo FLUXA (“Camper”, Shoes)*


17h30: Conclusions


20h30 – 22h30: Dinner


Saturday 22nd November 2003:


10h00 – 13h00: Workshop

“A better governance for a better regional competitiveness”

Objectives: To answer the following questions: can the reform of European governance have an impact on regional competitiveness? And if so, how can this reform be led so that it enhances the dynamism of the territories?

- to broaden the discussion by linking this question of dynamism of the territories to a reflection on the future cohesion policy.


Session Chairman: Henri MALOSSE (President of the ECO Section of the European Economic and Social Committee)


Three members of the European Economic and Social Committee (each representing a group)

-         Georgios DASSIS (Employees’ Group)*

-         Sergio E. SANTILLAN CABEZA (Employees’ Group)*

-         Dick WESTENDORP (‘Various Interests’ Group)*

-         Alberto ALLENDE (ECO Section)*

Mr. BARCA (General Director – Italian Ministry of Treasury)*

Luisa SANCHES (European Commission – Regional Policy Directorate General)

Juan GUAL (Vice-president of Majorque, Ibiza and Formentara Chamber of Commerce)*


13h00 – 15h00 : Lunch


15h30 – 22h00: Cultural afternoon and dinner


Sunday 23rd November 2003: Participants’ departure


Nota : (*) to be confirmed


For further information contact:

Alexandre CZMAL
1-2, Avenue des Arts - Bonte 9
1210 - Bruxelles - BELGIQUE
Til. : (+32) 2 221 04 34
Fax : (+32) 2 217 69 87
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