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Date(s) Wednesday 20th October 2004
Thursday 21st October 2004
Friday 22nd October 2004
Organiser Pacific Theological College
History and the island churches of the Pacific in the 20th century

On 2 March 2005, the Pacific Theological College will celebrate its 40th birthday. I believe the time is ripe for some historiographical stock-taking of the island churches, the purposes, the interests, and the approaches that have informed the learning and teaching of Christian history here at the Pacific Theological College and in the islands. It will be an opportunity for scholars, historians and theologians, to describe 'their history' of Christianity in the Pacific in the 20th century, their methods and their enthusiasms.

But while the conference is a sharing of reasons and forces that influenced the images or perception of island churches and the way their particular and collective history had been written by both participants (members) as well as by observers, it is also an opportunity to review the life and work of island churches in the last one hundred years. The character or portrayal of Pacific island churches before and after the Second World War could be one of the important paradigms for papers for discussion at the conference. Of course, there is no restriction to the papers, as long as it is on island churches in the Pacific in the 20th century. Those intending to present papers at the conference, titles and abstracts (200-400 words) are due by 31 March 2004, and please indicate any presentation aids you might require.

For further enquiries and expressions of interest in the conference, contact Reverend Dr. Kambati Uriam at, Pacific Theological College, PMB, Suva, Fiji; telephone 3311100; fax 3301728.