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Event The Dialogue of Tourism
Date(s) Wednesday 14th July 2004
Thursday 15th July 2004
Friday 16th July 2004
Organiser Instituto de Turismo Responsable
The Dialogue“Tourism, Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development” will be celebrated in the framework of the UNIVERSAL FORUM OF CULTURES BARCELONA 2004. The Barcelona 2004 Forum offers a new and creative space to think and make experiences about the main cultural and social challenges that the XXI century world has to face. From the beginning of May until the end of September 2004 the Forum will become the meeting point which will move the world, exchanging ideas, developing dialogues and debates, creating a window open to the diversity of expressions through hundreds of actsthat will take place in an innovative space.

The Dialogue of Tourism will be held on July 14th-16th, 2004. It is open to all the formulas and ways of the art of travel. The Dialogue calls to all actors -tourist companies, local communities, governments, and associations- to exchange ideas and experiences to open new horizons aiming to the development of a new responsible tourism. During the different sessions, workshops, communications, and shows making up the Dialogue, new ways of coexistence and co-operation that could shape future tourist diversity will be explored from a transcultural point of view, opening a large creative space for sustainable development and the consolidation of a culture of peace.

The Dialogue will be the great meeting point for the world of tourism, turning itself into a space dedicated to open debate and free discussion. NATURAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE and TOURISM, responsible tourism from the perspective of the TOURIST INDUSTRY, and SUSTAINABLE TOURIST DESTINATIONS will be the focal points of the Dialogue. Likewise, items related to EDUCATION, TRAINING, INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION, NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND ETHICS will be dealt as aspects of a responsible and sustainable tourism, essential to achieve a world in PEACE.

For further information contact:

Tomás Azcárate Bang

Director of the Dialogue

Instituto de Turismo Responsable

C/ Ardemans, 12. 1º C

28028 MADRID

Tel: +34 902 11 77 25. Fax: +34 91 355 07 05

E-mail:  Web:

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