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Event Workshop on Small States
Date(s) Thursday 16th September 2004
Friday 17th September 2004
Saturday 18th September 2004
Organiser University of Iceland
The CSSS is planning a Workshop on Small States to be held at the University of Iceland from Thursday 16 September to Saturday 18 September 2004 and is now inviting those interested to submit outlines of papers (of up to 250 words) for the following topics:

1) Norse Europe from 900 to 1500. Are there any lessons from the inter-relationships of the small political entities in Northern Europe during this period for the small states in today's Europe? Are there remnants from the political, social and economic organization of that time that still reverberatein Northern Europe today?

2) Small States and Minorities. This panel will cover minorities in small states and languages and small states. The session on languages will be organised by the Director of the Sigurdur Nordal Institute at the University of Iceland. Other possible themes are: the political and legal aspects of the presence of cultural, linguistic and ethnic minorities in small states. Can such minorities be a threat to a small state or should they be regarded as a resource? Can small states sustain minorities better than larger countries?

3) Small States and the Enlarged EU: What are the consequences of an enlarged EU having a higher proportion of small states than ever before? Will it affect the workings of the EU? Can small states within the EU follow particular strategies? Does Economic and Monetary Union offer a threat or an opportunity to small states within the enlarged EU? What accounts for the varied response of the small EU states to the EMU? Will EU membership bring particular constitutional problems for small states? What sort of comparative work can be conducted on the EU and the constitutions of small states?

4) Small States and Democracy. The official commissions on power and democracy in Sweden, Denmark and Norway have both identified elements that suggest the decay of democratic institutions, even in these small democracies. Is this a trend that is affecting other small states and, if so, what is its cause? Do small states have particular resources that may allow the trend to be counter-acted?

5) EFTA: Ten Years after the EEA. A session on the workings of EFTA and of the European Economic Area and the importance of both for the small states that are members.

6) Building an information source on small states. This plenary session is one that will be run together with the National Library of Iceland.

Call for Papers:

The Centre welcomes proposed papers for the above panels, or proposals for further panels. Researchers should submit their proposals which should include:

  • An outline of not more than 250 words
  • A brief note of 3 or 4 lines about the researcher.
    These should be submitted to Ásthildur Bernharðsdóttir at by, at the latest, 15 March 2004. The working language of the Workshop is English.

It is hoped that some of the Workshop papers will be offered to journals (such as Cooperation and Conflict, Scandinavian Political Studies) either singularly or as a themed group, and some may form the basis for a book-length publication. Other papers may be offered to the Centre's on-line series.

Members of the Workshop should be prepared not just to present their own paper but also to comment constructively on the papers of others in their panel.

It is intended to open the Workshop with a plenary lecture given by a distinguished guest and other plenary sessions, such as that on information sources on small states, will also be held.

Practical Arrangements:

Each of the panels will have a Convenor whose task will be to make sure that panel members benefit the most from the time they spend in the panel sessions. The Convenor will arrange the order and the format of presentations and will make sure that panel members receive copies of papers beforehand and are clear about their duties.

Anyone interested in joining a panel (or who wishes to suggest a further panel) should inform the Centre in an 'expression of interest' as soon as possible, and anyhow before 15 January 2004. At this stage the details of their paper or panel (as outlined in 3 above) is not needed, though some indication of themes would help. Accompanying publications and CVs would be welcome. A quick feed-back will be given to such expressions of interest by the organisers, allowing the possibility of a full proposal by 15 March 2004.The proposals will be reviewed by members of the CSSS. The organisers will inform researchers by 15 April 2004 whether their proposal has been accepted and, if so, in what form.

It is hoped that some modest financial support will be available to assist postgraduates to attend. Otherwise the cost of the Workshop (board and lodging) will be born by individual participants. Staying overnight until Sunday will cut the cost of travel to Reykjavik for overseas visitors.

The organising panel are:

  • Baldur Thorhallsson, Chair of Board, CSSS, University of Iceland
  • Ásthildur Bernharðsdóttir, Director, CSSS, University of Iceland
  • Clive Archer, Jean Monnet Professor and Director of the Manchester European Research Institute, UK.
  • Annica Kronsell, Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science,Lund University, Sweden.
  • Urban Strandberg Doctor in Political Science, and Research Fellow of the Centre for Public Sector Research (CEFOS), Göteborg University, Sweden.

Enquiries should be made, in the first instance, to Ásthildur Bernharðsdóttir at