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Welcome to the GIN international links directory.

Within this directory you will find links to websites providing information of an international nature.

All websites listed here have been individually chosen based on their quality of content and appropriateness for purpose. All links contained within this directory are regularly checked to ensure they are currently available and do not lead to broken or missing links. If you do happen to come across a broken link please let us know - email our webmaster describing the offending link and we promise to attend to it at our earliest opportunity.



  Alliance of Small Island States
  Amnesty International
  Association des Communes de l'Outre-Mer [French Overseas Territories]
  Association Graines d'iles
  Association of the Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union
  BEST Initiative
  BirdLife International
  Birds of the French Overseas Territories
  Botanic Gardens Conservation International
  British Overseas NGOs for Development
  Centre for Small States
  Centre for World Indigenous Studies
  Commonwealth Foundation
  Commonwealth Secretariat
  Commonwealth Secretariat Small States Section
  Conservation International
  Counterpart International
  CPMR Islands Commission
  Environment Liaison Centre International
  European Centre for Development Policy Management
  European Geoparks Network
  European Small Islands Network
  Fauna & Flora International
  Food & Agriculture Organization
  Friends of the Earth International
  G8 Information Centre
  Global Development Network
  Global Development Research Center
  Global Environment Facility
  Global Environmental Management Initiative
  Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands
  Global Insular Conservation Society
  Global International Waters Assessment
  Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation
  Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment
  Global Policy Forum
  Greenpeace International
  Indigenous Environmental Network
  Indigenous Portal
  Institute for International and European Environmental Policy [ECOLOGIC]
  Institute of International Education
  International Association for Impact Assessment
  International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
  International Chamber of Commerce
  International Coral Reef Action Network
  International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
  International Council for Science
  International Council of Museums
  International Council on Archives
  International Council on Monuments and Sites
  International Council on Social Welfare
  International Development Research Centre
  International Federation of Environmental Health
  International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  International Finance Corporation
  International Hydrographic Organization
  International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
  International Institute for Communication and Development
  International Institute for Environment and Development
  International Institute for Sustainable Development
  International Labour Organization
  International Maritime Organization
  International Monetary Fund
  International Network for Environmental Management
  International Org for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development
  International Research Foundation for Development
  International Rural Network
  International Scientific Council for Island Development
  International Seafood Sustainability Foundation
  International Small Islands Studies Association
  International Sustainability Indicators Network
  International Telecommunication Union
  Island Conservation
  Island Global Research
  Island Rights Initiative
  JNCC UK Overseas Territories
  Lubee Bat Conservancy
  Ministere de l'Outre-Mer [French Overseas Territories]
  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  RARE Center for Tropical Conservation
  Science and Development Network
  Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Group of States
  Small Island Cultures Research Initiative
  Small Island Developing States Network [SIDSnet]
  Small States Network for Economic Development
  The Group of 77
  The Nature Conservancy
  The World Conservation Union [IUCN]
  Third World Network
  Transparency International
  UK Overseas Territories Association
  UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum
  UNEP Division of Technology, Industry & Economics
  UNEP Global Environment Outlook
  UNEP GPA Clearing-House Mechanism
  UNEP Islands
  UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
  UNESCO Coastal Regions and Small Islands Platform
  UNESCO Global Geoparks Network
  UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
  UNESCO Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme
  UNESCO Small Islands Voice
  UNESCO World Heritage Centre
  United Nations
  United Nations and Decolonization
  United Nations Development Programme
  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  United Nations Environment Programme
  United Nations Institute for Training and Research
  United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
  United Nations Website Locator
  Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organization
  West African Regional Marine and Coastal Conservation Programnme
  Wetlands International
  Wildlife Conservation Society
  World Bank
  World Bank Small States Section
  World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  World Chambers Network
  World Council of Churches
  World Development Movement
  World Economic Forum
  World Health Organization
  World Intellectual Property Organization
  World Meteorological Organization
  World Resources Institute
  World Tourism Organization
  World Trade Organization
  World Travel and Tourism Council
  Worldwatch Institute
  WWF Global Network