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Caribbeat Entertainment
This company's activities include online retailing of CDs, digital downloads, Internet radio, performance and studio bookings. Caribbeat's focus is on the wide range of music genres from the Caribbean such as Reggae, Salsa, Merengue, Soca, Calypso, Zouk and Dancehall.
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Channel Island Books Online..
An extensive list of books, souvenirs and other goods relating to the Channel islands of Jersey and Guernsey.
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Comorian Music
There is a remarkably wide range of musical styles in the Comoros: solo and choral, through composed and stanzaic, improvised and rehearsed, accompanied and acapella.
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Compas Central
Compas Central is dedicated to the promotion of Haitian artists, orchestras and Caribbean music in general. We have the ambition to indirectly contribute to the diffusion of the culture, history, literature, poetry and art of Haiti and the surrounding islands.
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Coral Music
A recording label that aims to present a range of musical styles and artists of the Western Pacific region.
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Corsican Traditional Music
A significant, though not the only aspect of Corsican traditional music is polyphony [many voices]: unaccompanied [a capella] singing by small groups of people. It is closely associated with the island's identity and its rebirth coincided with the resurgence of national poltical ambition in the seventies.
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CRS Music
Located in the island of Barbados, CRS Music is a trend-setting label focused on the development of talented Caribbean artistes over a wide genre of musical rhythms.
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fRoots Magazine
The world's leading roots, world music and folk monthly.
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Ganesha Bookshop
Extensive book catalogue on Bali and Indonesia as well as contemporary and traditional Indonesian music.
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Harmonicity.com aims to provide audio, visual and textual resources combined with the best online resources in musicology, music history, music theory, technology, and all related fields.
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