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Books & CDs from New Caledonia and other South Pacific islands.
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Sonny Morgan
Anybody visiting the Seychelles will hear his music on the radio, in the hotels or in the local houses as his music is a 'major export' for the Islands and demonstrates the traditional Indian Ocean sega  music style.
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South Pacific Organizer
South Pacific music catalogue with a list of mostly non commercial recordings that are faithful to the traditional music of the islands as it exists today. Island music based on Western pop has been avoided.
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Tarika have evolved a unique modern blend from the roots music of Madagascar strongly featuring local instruments in a way that has been described as "vituoso traditional music with the energy of punk rock!" 
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Te Vaka
A multicultural group producing a unique blend of traditional and contemporary musical styles from all over the Pacific.
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The Mighty Sparrow
Slinger Francisco, better known as The Mighty Sparrow, affectionately dubbed, The Birdie is the unrivaled Calypso King of the World, with a career that spans over 40 years and counting.
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The Mundo Etnico Foundation
The Mundo Etnico Foundation is a Dutch non profit organization studying and promoting traditional, contemporary and developing Pacific cultures by means of book and CD publications, workshops, seminars and educational programmes at primary schools.
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The home of Cuban music on the web.
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A comprehensive site on Trinidad & Tobago music.
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Tropical Fete
Home for Caribbean Entertainment.
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