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Listed below are a collection of culturally rich sources of island related arts and crafts. Most have websites of their own which can be viewed by selecting the link directly below each summary.
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Folk Cuba
This site explores Afro-Cuban art, religion and history. The Eguin Koldade Gallery displays hand made, unique objects by artists and the store offers for sale gallery pieces, ceremonial objects, botanica supplies, books, music and authentic instruments such as Lukumi, Palo and Abakua drums, all produced in Cuba.
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FolkArt & Craft Exchange
Various items including molitas and molas made by the Kuna women from the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama.
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Gallerie Meyer Oceanic Art
The only primitive art gallery in Europe devoted exclusively to the fine arts of Oceania. This specialization gives our clients, both private collectors and public institutions, the unique opportunity to purchase pieces that are chosen for their aesthetic qualities, condition and rarity.
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Jack's Handicrafts
The largest handicraft retailer in Fiji.
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Marquesan Arts and Crafts
Some of the Marquesan arts have survived and continue to combine a great creativity and fine craftmanship. Amongst them are tatooing, wood carving, stone carving and tapa making.
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Haitian Art.
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Micrafts Pacific
Hand crafted gifts from the islands of Micronesia.
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Micronesian Goldsmiths
Hafa Adai and greetings from the beautiful island of Guam. Our jewelry designs capture the essence of our island's legends and chamorro culture in sterling silver and 14 karat solid gold.
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Natangura Palm Jewelry
The Natangura Carving Project's main objective is to train underprivileged groups how to carve from natangura seeds not only as an economic incentive, but as a means for preserving the specific species of the palm seed that is used.
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Oceanic Arts & Books
We specialize in the ethnology of the South Pacific and maintain a large collection of very fine artifacts from Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Indonesia. We also have one of the largest selections of out-of-print and rare books on related topics.
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