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Listed below are a collection of culturally rich sources of island related arts and crafts. Most have websites of their own which can be viewed by selecting the link directly below each summary.
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The Ethnic Art Institute of Micronesia
The Institute has assembled a group of native artisans into a guild of masters and apprentices who are recreating their ancestral and traditional art. Each carving is based on careful research of original objects found in ethnographic museums throughout the world, and from historic photographs and drawings.
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The Gallery of West Indian Art
We specialise in Haitian, Jamaican and Cuban art and hand-painted, hand-carved wooden furniture.
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Wassi Art Pottery Works
A unique collection of original, one-of-a-kind, high quality pottery created by Jamaican artisans.
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Indonesian handicrafts including baskets, masks, puppets, textiles and statues.
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Women in Business Foundation
A Samoan NGO which produces high quality organic and handmade products: crafts, coconut oil, tapa, bags and custom-made fine mats.
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Zanzibar Trading Company
Collector and museum quality items from over 60 countries around the world.
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