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Ecotourism in Kukljica
Kukljica is a picturesque fishing village on the Croatian island of Ugljan and a gateway to the Kornati Islands National Park since it is located at the island's extreme southwestern point, close to the Zdrelac straits.
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Ecotourism in the Marianas Islands
Accessible only by private boat, helicopter or small plane charter from Saipan, the Northern Islands are well worth the extra effort for the adventurous traveler who loves nature and wishes to enjoy the ultimate in ecotourism. The islands are incredibly beautiful, with smoking volcanoes, black sand beaches, striking rock formations and an abundance of wildlife.
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Ecotourism Melanesia
Ecotourism Melanesia is an information and booking service for ecotourism accommodation in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Our aim is to encourage overseas visitors to travel to the rural areas of Melanesia so that more tourism dollars will go directly into the pockets of village people, giving them a viable alternative to less enviro-friendly forms of income like logging and mining.
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Each year, Ecoventura carries thousands of nature enthusiasts to the Galapagos Islands. Their participation in the Smart Voyager environmental certification program ensures that their vessels, passengers, and crew members commit to preserve the Galapagos National Park and to respect the fragile ecosystem that, worldwide, is recognized as a "living laboratory of evolution."
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Fare Nanao
Just across the isthmus between Tahiti's main island and its peninsula is a magic place where everything is harmony. The originality of its 'sculpted cottages' built in or around trees together with diving, kayaking and trekking make it a delightful place.
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Fregate Island Private
Once this island in the Seychelles attracted pirates but now it lures the discerning and privileged with its soothing climate, tropical forests, and hidden coves of dazzling white sand. But what really sets the property apart is its commitment to the endemic wildlife that surrounds it. Designed to coexist within a fragile ecosystem that shelters some of the world's most endangered species, Fregate Island Private offers the utmost in luxury - tempered with caring responsibility.
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Friendly Islands Kayak Company
On our Tonga sea kayaking and whale watching expeditions we strive to create a healthy balance between relaxation and adventure.
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Greenviews Resort
Known to Filipinos as 'The Last Frontier', Palawan is a place of outstanding natural beauty both on land and sea. This resort is the ideal base to relax and enjoy the many endemic animals or to island hop, snorkel or dive.
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Guana Island
An 850 acre private island resort in the British Virgin Islands with opportunities for birdwatching, iguana feeding, trail walking and numerous other activities.
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Hacienda Del Mar
Our Panama vacation resort facilities include organic homegrown food and fresh seafood, heartfelt Pearl Island hospitality, natural reefs to explore in crystal clear waters, and 14,400 acres of unspoiled virgin rainforest.
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