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Here we have placed some other interesting websites which do not fit any specific category. They range from flowers, fragrances, natural health and beauty products to artificial reef manufacturers.
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Aruba Aloe
Aruba, island of Aloe and the source of the only real Aloe Vera. Known for the best Aloes in the world since 1840, Aruba proudly has the plant in its coat of arms. The plants are harvested and processed at the site of the plantation in Aruba and are freshly incorporated into a wide range of cosmetic products.
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Boaters for Books
A volunteer community of cruisers and boating enthusiasts committed to raising the level of literacy among young people in the Caribbean. We encourage all to lend a helping hand as we collect and distribute new and used children's books to young people in the Caribbean islands.
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Your source for Caribbean flag products and other items such as T-shirts, bandanas, license plates, bumper stickers, keychains and necklaces that will in some way or another inspire your patriotism.
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Garden Gate Flowers
Located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia our tropical flowers reflect the natural beauty of the West Indies. Specializing in exotic blooms like Orchids, Ginger Lilies, Heliconia and Anthuriums.
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Green Island
A family business located on Curacao that produces organic cleaning and bodycare products.
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Kokonut Pacific
DME pure virgin coconut oil products.
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Microscopic ScienceArt



I am a photographer and sand collector from the Netherlands. Sand is fascinating and its variety endless. By showing it through the microscope to many children and adults I hope to stimulate a sense of wonder for the beauty of sand with its long and interesting history. It would be really wonderful if you could send me some beach sand(s) of your Island with the information of where exactly it comes from. In return I promise you a photomicrograph, in print or digital, of every sand received. Thank you all very much in advance!  

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Mokosoi Natural Coconut Soap
Cultivated from the pristine waters of the Fiji Islands comes the nutrient rich seaweed that is the principle ingredient in our "Loofah" soap.
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Olivier Behra
You can discover here essential oils and medicinal plants of Madagascar, produced in favor of the environment. Unique new ones as well as more traditional ones recognized for their quality and regularity of supply by the fragrance industry and aromatherapy practitioners.
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Pure Fiji
For centuries South Pacific islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify both skin and hair. Pure Fiji brings you the best of these traditional blends for today's natural bath and body care. Discover virgin coconut body oils, creamy coconut body lotions and natural handmade coconut soaps.
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