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Revived environmental crime hotline in Madagascar
SAN FRANCISCO, US, 6 April 2020 (Mongabay) - A Malagasy civil society group recently relaunched a hotline for people to report environmental crimes while avoiding the reprisals that often follow when they make such reports to the authorities.

Monster Pacific storm lashing Vanuatu
PORT VILA, Vanuatu, 6 April 2020 (AFP) - A deadly Pacific cyclone intensified as it hit Vanuatu on Monday, threatening a natural disaster that experts fear will undermine the impoverished Pacific nation's battle to remain coronavirus-free.

Channel Island freight firm collapses
LONDON, UK, 6 April 2020 (BBC) - Eighty people are set to lose their jobs following the collapse of a group of Channel Islands shipping companies. It blamed "very difficult trading conditions" caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Solomon Islands is no paradise for women.
SYDNEY, Australia, 6 April 2020 (ABC) - Solomon Islands has one of the highest rates of family and sexual violence in the world. Two-thirds of women aged 15 to 49 have reported physical or sexual abuse by a partner.

12 Greek islands don't want Easter arrivals
ATHENS, Greece, 6 April 2020 (TNH) - With Greece in an essential lockdown aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus, the mayors of 12 small islands want a ban on all arrivals, especially during the Easter period when there are worries Greeks will leave home to celebrate.

Easter Island inhabitants turn to tradition to tackle virus troubles
HANGA ROA, Chile, 5 April 2010 (AFP) - Inhabitants of Easter Island are leaning on a traditional form of ancestral discipline to overcome a coronavirus-imposed lockdown that threatens the Pacific island's vital tourism sector, and consequently their livelihoods.

Chatham Islands: hoping for early release from lockdown
WELLINGTON, New Zealand, 5 April 2020 (Newsroom) - With no Covid-19 cases and its economy desperate to restart, the Chathams is keen to go fishing again.

How a Rastafarian village gave Hollywood Peter Pan
ST. JOHN'S, Antigua, 5 April 2020 (BBC) - A crater-pocked road leading to a cluster of simple plywood homes ringed with vegetable fields might seem unlikely territory to find a Hollywood movie star. For almost four decades, the village's two dozen followers of the Nyabinghi order, the oldest of all the Rastafarian subgroups, have lived largely shielded from society in the Caribbean island.