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How to better protect the wildlife on the Wessel Islands
DARWIN, Australia, 25 October 2021 (ABC) - Rangers and scientists have formed a partnership to monitor dolphins, whales, manta rays and other marine and land animals on Australia Northern Territory remote Wessel Islands.

Greenhouse gas levels hit new record, UN reports
LONDON, UK. 25 October 2021 (Guardian) - The concentration of carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas, is now 50% higher than before the Industrial Revolution sparked the mass burning of fossil fuels. Methane levels have more than doubled since 1750. All key greenhouse gases (GHG) rose faster in 2020 than the average for the previous decade and this trend has continued in 2021, the WMO report found.

'World conflict and chaos' could be the result of a summit failure
LONDON, UK, 24 October 2021 (Observer) - Global security and stability could break down, with migration crises and food shortages bringing conflict and chaos, if countries fail to tackle greenhouse gas emissions, the UN’s top climate official has warned ahead of the Cop26 climate summit.

BVI inquiry hears claims of systemic corruption and jury intimidation
LONDON, UK, 24 October 2021 (Guardian) - Allegations of systemic corruption, cronyism, jury intimidation and misuse of public funds are being aired in a courtroom in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) after the UK government set up a commission of inquiry into mis-governance in the British overseas territory.

SWAP project pushes for cleaner Pacific ocean
APIA, Samoa, 22 October 2021 (SPREP) - Marine litter negatively affects the environment, people and coastal economies around the world. In the Pacific region where 98% is covered by ocean, the problem is even more severe given the reliance of countries on healthy ocean ecosystems and services. 

Have Sumatran fishing crews found the fabled Island of Gold?
LONDON, UK, 22 October 2021 (Guardian) - It was a fabled kingdom known in ancient times as the Island of Gold, a civilisation with untold wealth that explorers tried in vain to find long after its unexplained disappearance from history around the 14th century. The site of Srivijaya may finally have been found – by local fishing crews carrying out night-time dives on the Musi River near Palembang on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Biden officials differ on Marshall Islands nuclear waste
LOS ANGELES, US, 22 October 2021 (LA Times) - For months, U.S. refusal to accept responsibility for a leaking dome of radioactive waste in the Marshall Islands has complicated negotiations with the Marshallese government on an international compact viewed as crucial for blunting Chinese influence in the central Pacific.

Pacific Ocean Climate Change Conference 27-29 May, 2020, Apia, Samoa

Island Feminisms Conference Jan-April 2021, Hilo, Hawaii

5th International St Magnus Conference 14-16 April, 2021, Lerwick, Shetland

Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum 20-21 May, 2021 

Islands of the World XVII conference 14-18 June, 2021, St. John's, Newfoundland

Caribbean Conservation Finance Congress 6-8 July 2021 in virtual format

'The island–insularity, archipelagos–a geophilosophical issue' A Summer University, 10-14 July, 2020, Rhodes, Greece

Archipelagic Memory: Intersecting Geographies, Histories and Disciplines conference 4-6 August, 2020, Reduit, Mauritius

World Conservation Congress 3-11 Sept, 2021, Marseille, France

Virtual Island Summit 6-12 Sept, 2021

Greening the Islands e_Convention 19-21 Oct, 2021

COP 26
UN Climate Change Conference 1-12 Nov, 2021, Glasgow, UK

Islands of the World XVIII conference 13-17 June, 2022, Zadar, Croatia

13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture 6-16 June, 2024, Honolulu, Hawaii