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Listed below are a collection of culturally rich sources of island related arts and crafts. Most have websites of their own which can be viewed by selecting the link directly below each summary.
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Alcheringa Gallery
Alcheringa is an Aboriginal Australian word for the Dreamtime, the time of creation. For thirty years, Alcheringa Gallery has exhibited art by contemporary tribal artists particularly from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Mua Island in the Torres Strait.
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Alex Philips Oceanic Art
A private collector and dealer of quality Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian tribal artifacts.
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Art Cubana
An online gallery presenting and promoting the art and artists of Cuba since 1996.
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New Guinea tribal art and Indonesian folk art.
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ArtMedia Haiti
The Centre of Haitian Art.
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Bamboo Gallery
Art gallery in the Turks & Caicos Islands which features a carefully made selection of fine arts (paintings, wood and metal sculptures) from the Caribbean.
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We deal in the finest quality artworks from some of the Caribbean's most talented artists.
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Caribbean Island Art & Soul
Your guide to the artists and galleries of the Caribbean.
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Daniel Jean-Baptiste
A St. Lucian artist whose work reflects the beauty of the island. His collection consists of limited edition mono prints hand painted on silk.
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The gallery provides an opportunity to examine Faroese art created by artists living and working today.
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